Audi will eliminate 9,500 jobs by 2025

Audi will eliminate 9,500 jobs in Germany by 2025 as part of a transformation plan to make the company “efficient and sustainable,” the German automaker said today.

The Volkswagen subsidiary based in Ingolstadt said that, at the same time, it expects to add 2,000 new jobs, so there will be a net loss of 7,500 jobs.

Audi currently employs about 90,000 people worldwide, of which 60,000 are in Germany. In recent years, the company has struggled to keep up with its national rivals, BMW and Daimler.

Some of their cars have also been part of the scandal of diesel emissions fraud, which has focused on its parent company, Volkswagen.

Part of Audi’s plan includes ensuring that new electric cars are built at its Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm plants, both in Germany.

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